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What Does the PSCA Do?

The Pontchartrain Shores Civic Association is your organization for neighborhood protection. We are in touch with our civic leaders – elected and appointed. We have found them to be responsive and cooperative. Our power rests only in you, our neighbors, who support the Pontchartrain Shores Civic Association.

We meet regularly, entertain neighbor’s requests or complaints, and have key officials as speakers. Our neighbors are able to speak directly to our Parish, State or Federal officials. We invite you to come to our meetings, learn about Pontchartrain Shores and your Civic Association, join your neighbors in the PSCA and help us keep The Shores a great neighborhood.

Pontchartrain Shores is both a neighborhood and a neighborhood association. Most who live here are property owners. Our demographics vary, but all desire  a nice place to live, low crime, low disturbances and a great place to raise a family. The Shores has been here for many years. While we do not have centuries old historic buildings, we do have a wonderful neighborhood. It can remain that way if we all participate and cooperate.

EIN (Tax ID): 72-1009767

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In Memoriam
Harold Clay Patin, Jr.
1939 – 2022
Past PSCA President

The Pontchartrain Shores Civic Association is forever grateful for Harold’s dedication and service as President of our association. Because of his many years of dedication, Harold was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at our annual Night Out Against Crime event in October 2019.